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Why You Should Use an EV Specialist

With the sale of all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles growing faster than ever, the aftersales requirement for these vehicles is considerably different. However, according to the RAC just 5% of the UK’s 200,000 mechanics are qualified to work on electric cars.

But it’s not just about training up mechanics, working on electric vehicles also require specialist tools and equipment. With 40 to 60 volts and 0.08 amps being sufficient to cause serious harm, it is little wonder that technicians are especially cautious of hybrid and EVs, with between 100-600 volts and up to 150 amps common to work with.

Growing from our experience of working with EV’s as an authorised MG dealer, Cambridge Electric Vehicles was formed in 2021 and has grown to be Cambridge’s No1 EV specialist with a team of fully qualified and experienced technicians and support staff.

With our EVA approval, you can be sure that we have been checked for not only the appropriate tools and equipment but also for possessing suitable knowledge and qualifications. With technical support and ongoing training, keeping up with the fast moving industry trends and competencies is important considering the rapid rate of change.

What Needs’ Servicing on an EV?

Although EVs have fewer moving parts compared with traditional combustion-engine vehicles, their complex powertrains and high-voltage battery systems mean technicians need specific training to work on them.

Petrol and diesel engines have thousands of moving parts, whereas electric motors are a lot less complicated, with most EV’s made up of no more than 20 components. For example, there is no oil to change or filters to renew, or cambelt and water pump to change.

However, like any car on the road, an EV will require routine servicing and checks using specialist equipment as there is more to an EV than just a battery. As an EVA approved workshop, we have the correct EVA trained technicians and EV tooling to make sure your electric vehicle runs the way it should.

Using the latest EV diagnostic equipment, our technicians will do a full check of the vehicle which picks up any internal faults that need attention, plus look at the following:

  • Full visual inspection
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Steering
  • Brakes and brake fluid
  • Wipers
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Door hinges and lubrication
  • Drivetrain
  • Suspension
  • Battery pack health check
  • Inspection of high voltage cabling, invertor and charging cable
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Fluid level checks and top up if required

A thorough inspection of the high-voltage cabling is important to check for damage and loose connections. Although they are protected from road debris, we make sure being out on the road hasn’t caused the protective outer layers of a cable to perish or its connectors to break.

Electric Vehicles still need steering, suspension and brakes that will need to be looked after from time to time. Much like any vehicle, all suspension, steering components, and tyres will be checked. Finally, the heating and ventilation system will be assessed and in most cases the cabin air filter changed. The air-conditioning system’s refrigerant levels will also be checked and re-charged as necessary.

In Safe Hands at Cambridge Electric Vehicles

Our team of trained EV technicians (including one of the small number of the UK’s level 4 EV technicians) have undertaken all the necessary training to work on high voltage vehicles.

Generally, EVs need servicing at similar intervals to conventional petrol or diesel cars. It is important that you arrange vehicle servicing when required to protect any remaining warranty and to make sure your EV is running how it was designed to run.

As Cambridge’s No1 EV specialist and authorised Subaru workshop, we offer the highest level of service and have all the equipment required to work on all makes and model of EV’s so call us today to book an appointment.

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