Everything You Need To Know About The EVA Scheme

EVA is a set of standards for all areas of automotive businesses designed to recognise our excellence in the electric vehicle sector. In this way, the EVA badge of approval enables our customers to immediately identify us as a business at the forefront of electric vehicle retail.

EVA is endorsed by the Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and is the only scheme which certifies the efforts we are making in the EV sector to meet the ever-changing consumer demand.

The EVA badge was awarded to those individual sites which are rigorously and independently audited and found to meet EVA’s standards. With the transition to EVs being confusing and daunting, meeting the strict standards set by the EVA means we are able to give you confidence in your purchase.

By displaying the EVA badge, you know you can trust us to be able to assist you with all things EV and give you the highest levels of service and knowledge.



What Do We Have to Do to Be EVA Approved

For us to qualify for EVA membership, all members of the Cambridge Electric Vehicle team went through an intensive EV awareness training course to make sure they have a complete understanding of all electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our aftersales and technicians have also undergone intensive training ensuring they are competent in working with EV’s. In fact, here at Cambridge Electric Vehicles we have one of a handful of level 4 EV technicians in the country which allows them to take a battery apart!

We talk a lot about owning an EV and what you should consider in our About EV’ssection but all members of our team can answer questions that you may have about electric vehicles. As an electric vehicle specialist, we must demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • How to find a public charging point
  • Who to contact to get a home charger installed
  • How to charge an EV
  • Driving modes and their impact
  • Realistic electric driving range and fuel consumption for PHEV
  • EV features and their impact on performance
  • How the onboard battery systems work
  • How best to maintain an EV and the EV battery
  • Guidance on servicing and maintenance of the vehicle

We must also have an on-site EV ambassador and there must always be a qualified electric vehicle technician on-site to take care of any aftersales services.

Our site in Trumpington must also include certain facilities to accommodate customers’ electric vehicle experience plus access to a range of EV’s for customer test drives. We must also have several charge points accessible for all EV customers.

To find out more about the EVA accreditation, please give us a call and speak to our team of EV experts.

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