AM Category

AM Category of Bikes

The AM category of Super Soco bikes can be ridden from 16 years old and limited to 50cc (or vehicles limited to 28mph). If you are new to riding you can take a CBT training day which gives you the basics of how to ride. This will allow you to ride for two years on L plates. If at the end of 2 years you wish to extend your riding, all you need to do is complete the CBT training day again.

If you passed your car license before 2001 you will be able to ride these bikes without the need for any additional training. If you pass your car driving test whilst a CBT is valid or take a CBT whilst you have a car driving license you obtain the AM category license. This allows you to remove the L plates and ride for the duration of your license without L plates.

Super Soco CUX in grey

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