Our Subaru Promise - Why You Should Use an Authorised Service Centre

When you bring your car to Cambridge’s only authorised Subaru service centre you will be giving your vehicle the best possible care.

That’s because we have the dedicated tools and diagnostic equipment specifically designed to fix, repair, and maintain your Subaru.

We also provide a parts and labour warranty for all Subaru Original Equipment fitted by our trained technicians – peace of mind you don’t get elsewhere!

A Solid Subaru Service Warranty

All genuine parts supplied by Subaru UK and fitted by our Subaru trained technicians, (excluding wear and tear), benefit from a 3 year/60,000 mile parts and labour warranty.

This guarantees that both the parts and the service practices used conform to Subaru’s rigorous safety, reliability, and maintenance standards. They also fully satisfy your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty requirements.

We are the only servicing outlets to have the specific tools, equipment, and electronic media to be able to fully support your Subaru. This includes access to manufacturer training, and direct contact to Subaru UK‘s technical support personnel.

Routine servicing by us ensures that your vehicle’s software (and any other components) are regularly checked, updated, or changed to maintain the best reliability and performance.

Genuine or Approved Parts

As an authorised Service Centre, we offer a Service Warranty for all Subaru genuine parts. However, if your car is over 3 years old, you may prefer to ask our technicians to fit Subaru approved parts when they’re servicing it.

Subaru Genuine Parts

Subaru genuine parts are original manufacturer equipment – the same components that were fitted when your car was built at the factory.

Developed as the best possible option for Subaru models, genuine parts are produced to meet the same quality standards as a new Subaru. More than simply being the best replacement parts available, they’re also designed to work seamlessly with core components, such as the engine and chassis.

By choosing Subaru genuine equipment, fitted by our skilled technicians, you’re choosing to keep your Subaru’s performance, safety, and reliability as good as new for total peace-of-mind.

All Subaru genuine parts and labour servicing comes with a 3 year / 60,000 mile guarantee.

Subaru Approved Parts

Subaru approved parts are manufactured to exacting standards. We go to exceptional lengths to ensure that they meet or exceed the maximum performance required.

While other third-party pattern parts can often be poorly made, inferior quality copies, Subaru approved parts will always match (or better) the specification and quality of those fitted when your car was new.

Choosing Subaru approved parts gives you the option to reduce parts costs for Subaru vehicles over three years old while maintaining complete peace-of-mind. When these parts are fitted by our skilled technicians, you can ensure good value, performance, safety, and reliability.

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