Authorised Saab Service Centre

Here at Cambridge Saab, we pride ourselves on being both Saab experts and Saab enthusiasts. Our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand for all your Saab requirements.

Founded back in 1968 by Mike Stanley, we are one of the longest serving Saab dealers in the world with over 50 years’ experience working with the iconic Swedish brand.

We take pride in being run by Saab enthusiasts and with our experience with the brand, we know a thing or two about your Saab and how to look after it.

Our trained technicians have been looking after our loyal Saab customers cars for years. We even have a master technician who has worked for us for 30 years.

As an Authorised Service Centre, with superior knowledge and experience, we ensure your car receives the very best care and attention to the highest standards, every time, all the time.

But just because we’re official, doesn’t mean we’re more expensive, in fact, get a quote, and you’ll see we’re very competitive with our simple, clear, and fair pricing. With us there are never any hidden costs, everything is discussed and agreed beforehand.

And we do things that independents can’t, like upgrade software, carry out manufacture updates and rework campaigns and will look after your Saab to ensure your car delivers the optimum performance and reliability.

So, pick up the phone with any questions, queries, or enquiries you might have. We’d love to help.

Saab Original - Saab Genuine Parts

Close up of the Saab emblem on the bonnet

Often, we find that owners want to keep their Saabs on the road (what else would you buy!) and some are concerned that the parts will no longer be available. With the help from the team at Orio AB there isn’t much that we cannot find to keep your Saab in tip top condition.

Founded out of the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile, Orio AB (formally named Saab Parts AB) was formed to maintain the supply of Saab parts to keep cars on the road. Here we are 10 years later, and parts supply is still strong.

Whether you have a classic 900 or new generation 9-5, we only use Saab Original parts designed to fit perfectly every time.

Of course, all our work is fully guaranteed too. All Saab Original parts come with a three year warranty for that extra peace of mind.

We know your car, and we supply the genuine Saab parts that are tested to the highest standard and designed specifically for your Saab, so your car runs exactly how you expect it to. Safely, reliably, and to Saab’s now legendary performance standard.

An Iconic Brand ​

The unique design and uncompromising approach to innovation have made Saab cars an international symbol for people who like to be individual. A unique car for unique people. That’s what has made Saab cars one of Sweden’s strongest global brands.

And even though Saab cars are no longer made, there are still around one million Saabs on the roads all over the world. These all require service, maintenance, and spare parts. And we are the only ones who can offer Saab-authorised expertise, Saab Original Parts, and Saab Original Service.

The Saab-trained personnel in our workshop will make sure that your Saab remains 100% Saab, with everything that implies in terms of safety, performance and driving pleasure. All the knowledge and passion for the Saab brand has been gathered under the Saab Original brand and Cambridge Saab.

Guaranteed Parts Supply​

Underneath shot of mechanic replacing an Original Saab wheel

In 1947 Svenska Aeroplan AB (Saab) presented the “Original Saab” – the Saab 92. Since then, one classic model after another have left the factory at Trollhättan. That means that while there are no new Saab cars being produced, the legacy lives on with Saab Original.

Behind the Saab Original brand is Orio AB – formally Saab Automobile Parts, with roots going back into the Saab history for over 70 years. Because of the long history with Saab, Orio have unique experience and technical expertise when it comes to these cars.

Orio are a modern, global spare parts and logistics company, that markets, sells and distributes Saab Original parts in over 60 countries all over the world with delivery from Sweden every day to our workshop in Cambridge.

Fixed Price Servicing​

Dirty engine oil being splashed against clean engine oil

Keep your Saab the way it was built

At Saab we understand that as Saab cars grow older, they may need a simpler form of service. That’s why we have the Saab Fixed Price Service from only £279.

It offers a low cost alternative to the standard service. All the basic checks on your Saab are covered and only Saab Original Parts are used. These are parts for Saabs that are rigorously tested, fit perfectly first time, and carry a three year warranty.

Regular service of your Saab help reduce the risk of breakdowns, and by using Cambridge Saab, a Saab Authorised Service Centre you can be assured your Saab is in safe hands.

Fixed Price Repairs​

Along with our Fixed Price Service we also offer a range of fixed price repairs to keep your car running the way it should.

Engine Coolant Change

Avoid potential overheating of your engine and have one of our service technicians replace your engine coolant for only £59. Recommended every 30,000 miles

A/C Check

Concerned that your air conditioning system isn’t blowing as cold as it should, or it’s been a while since your last air con recharge, make sure that your air conditioning is working correctly with an A/C check for only £29.99

Brake Fluid Change

Ensure the safety of your brake components and have one of our service technicians replace your brake fluid for only £45. Recommended every 2 years.

Brake Pads & Discs

Replace your brake pads and discs from only £90

Alternator Change

The alternator is one of the most important electrical parts in the engine system. Replace yours for a new one from only £395

All prices include labour and parts

If you need a repair or service that we don’t have a fixed price for, you can still book a workshop visit. Just get in touch and we will get back to you with a quote.

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