Saab Driver Service Centre Magazine Article

Founded way back in 1968 by Mike Stanley, Buckingham and Stanley or more commonly known as Cambridge Saab are one of the longest serving Saab dealers in the world.

We have changed and evolved with extra sites and different showrooms over the years, but our customer focused philosophy remains the same today as it was then.

We take pride in being run by Saab enthusiasts. We always strove to be the best Saab dealer that we could be and over the years we won many awards for customer service in both sales and aftersales.

We wanted to share our enthusiasm with our customers and potential owners as being a Saab driver sets you apart from owning anything else and we felt we fitted right in.

The End of an Iconic Brand

The loss we felt when Saab stopped producing new cars was like losing a family member and despite flirting with other brands over the years our hearts have always beat to a four-pot turbocharged rhythm.

However, Saab owners tend to be a loyal bunch and here we are ten years later and still servicing, repairing, and tuning Saab cars for our customers. The occasional used car still pops up on our forecourt too.

Keeping Saab Cars on the Road​

Often, we find that owners want to keep their Saabs on the road (what else would they buy!) and some are concerned that the parts will no longer be available.

We do assure them however that with the help from the team at Orio UK there isn’t much that we cannot find to keep their Saabs in tip top condition.

Some cars need a bit more TLC than others, but we can still offer everything from regular servicing and diagnostics to engine work and Hirsch tuning – in fact we are one of the last dealerships globally to offer Hirsch performance upgrades.

We also specialize in those hard-to-find faults that only years of experience can cure. Phil our Saab master technician has over 28 years of Saab experience and he is fantastic with electrical faults and convertible roof issues.

Our parts department see in the daily delivery from Orio UK and as well as supplying the workshop, pack and ship them around the world to our regular customers. Keith and Derek in our parts department have over 75 years Saab experience between them. If they cannot find it, it doesn’t exist.

Whilst these days there may be some strange electric or four-wheel drive cars on the forecourt there is still nothing to beat a blast home in the Viggen