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Could this Dash cam actually save you money?

Could this Dash cam actually save you money?

We all know the roads can be a dangerous place.

If the worst happens and there was an accident wouldnt it be great to have a reliable witness with you in the car?

Now you can!

A Dash Cam allows you to record unexpected events - whether you're driving home or setting off on a road-trip. Constantly recording your daily commute or your travels with a Nextbase Dash Cam could make a big difference when "unexpected" turns into "uh-oh".

Turn your dash camera into an independent witness for any driving situation from collisions to road rage.

Some insurance companies will even offer a discount if you are using a dash cam

Take advantage of our introductory offer. For £179 we will hardwire the camera into your car and supply a memory card to record onto

please call Rupert for further details